Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What is My Mind Shift?

Maybe you have heard all the commotion about binaural beats, all the information about this great new way to improve your life while you sleep. And maybe you want to check them out. You might go to Google and search for them and up comes some great information about binaural beats, including the site My Mind Shift.

My Mind Shift is one of the top products used to sell binaural beats and for several reasons.

My Mind Shift gives you all of the information you need to know to get started with binaural beats, unlike any other seller. At My Mind Shift you can get information about how binaural beats will help with your memory, your success, your sleep, energy, creativity, learning and focus. And it is also in simple easy to understand terms.

In fact My Mind Shift offers you 12 of the very best and most helpful binaural beats recordings a person could ever need. The great part is you can buy each of the downloads separately. This way you can buy just one to make sure you really like the outcome of your brain wave training and once you are happy with the purchase, which you definitely will be, you can purchase more.

The site is very informative about how binaural beats work. They even show you all the phases of sleep you go through and how the binaural beats work with each stage. This way you aren't left with any questions before you purchase.

One of the only downsides is deciding which one to start with. After all, we can all use improvement to some degree or another in all of the twelve areas of life that My Mind Shift offers.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

My Mind Shift By Paul Reviewed

Have you ever heard of binaural audios before?

Me either... but it is scientifically proven that these special type of audios can be used to influence your brain into specific 'states'. For example they can be used to...

1) Increase Motivation
2) Increase Energy
3) Increase Focus
4) Increase Creativity
5) Increase Learning
6) Increase Happiness
7) Increase Relaxation
8) Decrease Stress
9) Stop Panic Attacks

And so much more.

Without getting into the technical details of how these audios work, let me give you a brief description of how these audios work. Your brain functions on primary frequencies based on the speed of your brain waves. Specific states have specific frequencies... for example if your brain is functioning at a specific frequency of between 13 - 40 Hz this is called 'Beta' waves and it is when your brain is active, busy or anxious thinking and active concentration, arousal, cognition.

But if you are sleeping your brain has a frequency of between 4 - 7 Hz or 'Theta' waves and this is when you are dreaming are in deep meditation or have, REM sleep.

So if you are feeling tired... then you have a particular low brain wave frequency at that time. The power of binaural audios is that it can lift those brain wave frequencies and within 5 minutes make you more alert and active, all by just listening to an audio with a set of stereo headphones.

Now normally these audios cost $29.95 a piece or more but Paul Kleinmeulman has just launched MyMindShift.com and he supplies 12 different audios to help you with specific problems all for the cost of one of these audios.

Lack motivation, simply pop in the maximum motivation audio and within 5 minutes your brain waves will be 'switched on' for more focus and more energy to increase your motivation.

Check it out at...

It is highly recommended.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Mind Shift Review

Are you interested to find out more about how binaural beats can help you, and whether Paul Kleinmeulman audios can really help you? They are audio beats that can help you reap the benefits of hypnosis without the need to a hypnotist around. I have discovered that it is possible to achieve many wonderful mental states with them that help me become more productive in my life. The audios typically take up to take 10 minutes to work after listening to them.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Amazing Binaural Beats Audio #12

Enter "Strength Training"

This audio is especially designed to improve your strength training, by helping you to concentrate on the job at hand, and inducing your brain in a 'work' state. It helps you to combat the lack of desire to perform work or expend a significant effort.

I especially created this audio because of my personal interest in building muscle quicker. I needed the edge and now I want to give it to you.

This should be used only when you are training for strength (you should start the session 5 minutes before training).

Audio Length:- 60 Minutes

Digital Download Only

How It Works...

This audio induces your brain to stay in a 'work' state.

It oscillates from full activity moments to moderate moments, in order to recover strength and energy.

This audio will certainly help you to reach your goals, since it enhances the level of concentration required. You will gain strength, because of the discipline you will be able to develop. Your mind controls your body, therefore a steady level of concentration is required.

Amazing Binaural Beats Audio #6

Enter "Pure Energy"

This audio is especially designed to speed up your brain waves. It gives you a little 'push' in order to feel better, with energy without the stress.

Can be used up to 2 or 3 times in a row. A 15-30 minutes break every 2 sessions is suggested.

Audio Length:- 60 Minutes

How It Works...

When you are feeling tired your brain wave frequency is lower, by increasing the frequency you will soon feel alert and awake.

Perfect for any time you have an energy slump and you need a pick- me-up.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Amazing Binaural Beats Audio #8

Enter "Less Stress"

Especially designed to lower your brainwave frequency without going to a 'sleep' state it helps you to feel calm and relaxed in just a few minutes.

Good, relaxed breathing is recommended.

The whole idea is to 'let go' stress. You shouldn't try to fight it, but instead you should focus only on how relaxed you want to be. Visualization of ideal state is recommended.

With that simple idea, this audio will certainly reinforce that relaxed feeling. This should be used daily and can be used virtually at any time of the day.

Audio Length:- 60 Minutes

Digital Download Only

How It Works...

It takes you from the higher frequency brainwaves that are known to induce anxiety and stress to a lower frequency, which calms and relaxes you. But it is especially designed not to put you in a sleep state so you can keep on doing what you need to do.

Amazing Binaural Beats Audio #5

Enter "Positive Habit Reinforcement"

This audio especially makes you feel better while you are listening to it, which will help you reinforce positive habits while eliminating your negative ones.

I personally call this one my 'happy helper' ;-) and it's available nowhere else.

This can be used at anytime except while you are sleeping.

Audio Length:- 60 Minutes

How It Works...

Digital Download Only

This secret recipe audio helps you find pleasure while you fight against bad habits. You will make an association between the ‘feel good' moment induced by the calm mind state and your good, positive action.

Stress affects your perception and feelings so this audio will help you to reduce the stress levels/anxiety while fighting a bad habit, making you feel better.

Also your resistance level for change will be reduced.

It is very well known that binaural beats at this frequency also affects the level of serotonin, which helps to inhibit anger, aggression, sleep disturbances and mood swings.